Dave has determined his purpose is the growth of human flourishing of St. Louis.  He settled upon this after meeting Peter Greer, CEO of HOPE International, and reading his Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing.  Human flourishing results when the workforce is productive and businesses prosper.  It is when people have the training and tools to utilize their God-given skills and abilities to create, and grow, and produce.  As businesses flourish, there is substantial spillover such that the whole community prospers.  Dave views this economic development for the St. Louis region his purpose for the balance of his career.


Dave also feels a significant desire to make an impact as a mentor.  In 2013 Dave was in career transition, yet he discovered he did not have sufficient mentors in this time of need.  He regretted not investing more time and energy in developing a mentor network.  He vowed that another aspect of his remaining lifework would be to help others find strong mentors.  To hone his skills for mentoring, Dave has been working on his leadership coaching certification through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  This training has been a breakthrough for Dave in developing more fully his “emotional intelligence” skills.

From the confluence of these human flourishing and mentoring purposes, Dave has felt “called” to the mission of Convene.  Convene connects, equips and inspires Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher impact leaders, and honor God.  “I know that companies are more likely to be successful when leaders are humane, cast strong vision, build relationships, follow Christian values and live in gratitude,” says Dave. “When members of teams have purpose, they are naturally more productive, and the positive effects permeate the environment. I have a vision that St. Louis can outperform national averages once again if we can get a multitude of business leaders regularly collaborating”.

Dave’s professional experience ranges from Fortune 500 C-level executive roles to start-up company founder—consistently leading organizations into significant growth. As Chief Investment Officer at Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), he led the team and built capabilities to grow the company from $8B to $32B assets in six years.  His track record in the areas of finance, operations, leadership, and strategic planning makes him an ideal Convene Chair and executive coach.

Dave also serves on the Board of Elevate St. Louis (life skills education for urban youth), on the Planning Committee for the Springwood Faith Project (real estate renewal project that includes an entrepreneurial incubator), and on the Investment Committee for the Gateway Region YMCA.

Dave considers his family to be his greatest blessing. He and his wife have been married for 36 years. Melissa works as Medical Technologist at Mercy Hospital, and she is also a passionate beekeeper and Master Gardener. They have three children, John, a paramedic at Christian Hospital in St. Louis; Kristen, a Nurse Practitioner in St. Louis, and Kara, a Software Consultant in Breckinridge, CO. Both Dave and Melissa are active in their church, The Crossing. Dave serves in the men’s ministry and at the bookstore. Melissa volunteers on the Connections Team and leads women’s study groups.


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Convene’s mission is to connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God. Through peer-to-peer and executive coaching insight. Growing toward increased personal and business impact. Leading to an ultimate Kingdom legacy.


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