Dale’s passion is to help leaders live with heart, integrity and significance.

Heart – so that you can be wildly successful in all areas of business, family, and faith.

Integrity – because teams that run on trust go the extra mile.

Significance – so that you can reap eternal rewards and not just temporal ones.


Dale sees a wave of Marketplace Ministry beginning to happen. Dale envisions the potential that this could grow into a massive tidal wave that could change the world, and he wants to contribute his pebble-size effort to the growth.

The meteoric rise of a technology startup where Dale was the Executive Vice President in the early 2000’s brought success for a while, but the equally spectacular implosion due to poor team dynamics sent Dale on a quest to understand teamwork and leadership. From John Maxwell to Jim Collins to Stephen Covey to Patrick Lencioni, Dale has read, studied, and trained with the best. Dale was able to put that training to good use when he sold a multi-million-dollar engagement just three years later.

Dale built the team, which is still in place over a decade later even though Dale has not been involved with them for several years.

Dale has facilitated groups in the church as a life group leader, study group facilitator, and has served on mission trips to Costa Rica. Dale is also a Certified Professional Leadership and Life Coach and a Certified Transformational Leadership Coach. Dale is passionate about helping teams work together better and the leadership it takes to make that happen.

Dale’s has a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, and lives in McKinney Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas.



About Our Team

Convene’s mission is to connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God. Through peer-to-peer and executive coaching insight. Growing toward increased personal and business impact. Leading to an ultimate Kingdom legacy.


Dale is an ACC through ICF (International Coaching Foundation) and a CPLC though PCCI (Professional Christian Coaching Institute) and an ICF member. Dale focuses on executives and other leaders to help them set, clarify and execute their vision for their companies and their lives. Often this includes creating margin and building a better work, life, and spiritual balance.

Dale added the Certified Transformational Leadership (TL) Coach designation from FSH Foundation in 2017. This set of tools provides a common language for the executive, their team, and the coach to quickly zero in on real issues and address the root cause of disconnects.


Dale provides consulting, speaking and training services on these topics:

  1. Transformational Leadership
  2. Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  3. Everything DiSC
  4. VPM – Vision / Purpose / Mission
  5. Work / Life / Spiritual Balance
  6. Setting (and Keeping) Appropriate Boundaries
  7. The Power of Who

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