god's will

What is God’s will for X?

Speaking from my own personal experience, it’s easy for us to agonize over discerning what God’s will is for your life, or your business, or your family legacy, etc…you can spend years praying for specific answers to these questions.  When you’ve done this and feel unsatisfied with (lack of) answers, read the manual and do what it says.
Jesus gave us the "Great Commandment" - to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Jesus gave us the “Great Commission” - to make disciples of all nations.
Jesus said if you love Me you will obey Me.  Clearly, Jesus’ love language is obedience.
God’s will for [ fill in the blank ] is for us to obey Him by loving everyone and by sharing His truth with everyone.  This is the why to our every question.
We do this by cutting a painful check to our community’s Christ-centered rescue mission or soup kitchen.  We do this by funding disciple making efforts in countries and among people groups who are dying without ever even hearing about Jesus; they never even were given the choice to accept Him.
We were given our life, our business and our family so that we can show Jesus, our partners/employees and our future generations what God’s will for X is by obeying these instructions.
Like the decision to accept what Christ offers, it’s that simple.