"Counsel and coaching from a biblical perspective, and helped me with the confidence I needed to make dramatic changes within my organization."
- Shannon Grube, Founder, Worldnet Consulting

"Convene has impacted my business from a spiritual perspective. It's not just about profits and expenses, it's also about making a difference."
- Chris Cimaglio, President, Total Marketing Associates

"We've been given an incredible opportunity to lead companies to love and serve people, and fulfill God's purposes in the marketplace. We want to be found faithful in that."
- Chris Duncan, CEO, Convene

"Convene will help a believer, who is growing in maturity and their understanding, become equipped to be a better kingdom business leader."
- David Pritchard, Gill North America

"Convene helps me think through marketing & sales strategies, the company vision, how to interact with team members, and understand when things don't work out...there is a bigger plan."
- Pam Arlotto, CEO, Maestro Strategies

Ed Wekesser

Denver, CO

During the first 25 years of his entrepreneurial career Ed started, grew, and sold several companies.  The buyers ranged from internal employees, a small national firm, and a Fortune 100 company.  He has been both a sole business owner and a business partner.

Over the last fifteen years, Ed’s sole proprietor consulting firm has worked with business owners from a wide range of industries on assignments including strategic planning, operational execution, organizational development and financial analysis and reporting, including a couple of turnarounds.  He believes people are always the key, and that the Bible is the most effective management book ever written.

Ed and his wife, Jane, have two children and four grandchildren.  They are currently active in Waterstone Community Church.  He has been an elder in two churches, and has served on the board of several non-profit Christian organizations.  Over the years, Ed has mentored a number of men, counseled couples, and taught numerous Bible studies.

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