The Benefits

To connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and Business Owners to grow exceptional businesses and become higher-impact leaders, to honor God.

“Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.”- Reed Markham

To see what others don’t see…to draw from the intuition of others…to gain understanding from what is happening around us….Insight from Convene Teams comes through all of these and so much more. All of us have times where we just can’t see it – about others, about ourselves, about the issue in front of us. From the “council of many”, wisdom can be discerned and acted upon with incredible results.

“Convene really helped me in an area of my business where I knew I was weak. My team directed me to a person who spent the time to help me develop this blind spot.”

Mike Barland


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Your business leadership is both a gift and a stewardship from God. The Parable of the Talents is clear: God expects you to get a good return on the assets He has entrusted to you including: profits to keep the company healthy, opportunities for your employees and a fair return for you and other shareholders. While profitability is vital and good, God’s definition of “success” requires integration with other priorities in life.

“Convene has really helped me focus my energy and become a better leader.”

Frank Cozza


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Being an incredible leader in your company is important; being a great spouse or parent has an even more profound impact. Investing the time to develop nurturing and supportive relationships, honoring your commitments, and faithfully living out your faith with the people you care most about will impact generations to come. At Convene, we invite God to work through us together for greater impact in our families, with our teams at work and their families, our communities, around the world, and eternally.

“Convene impacted my spiritual stewardship to my employees, my customers and my vendors.”

Toby Wiik


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God has a unique plan and great adventure for your life and business! It embraces your dreams, strengths, passions, personality, and experiences. At Convene, we emphasize that our true significance comes from loving and serving God faithfully in all areas of life. He has blessed you with the opportunity to serve others in and through your business, using your gifts and abilities, and to be a blessing to the world by bearing “much fruit.” At Convene, we help one another live into the destinies for which God created us.

“My Convene group has helped me work through coming up with what legacy I want to leave.”

Toby Wiik


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Achieve our benefits

Benefits of the Convene Community include:

  • Deep confidential relationships
  • Timely access to needed resources
  • Spiritual connections that make a difference
  • Camaraderie
  • Enjoyable social activities

The relationships, networks, and friendships formed through Convene provide members with like-minded individuals who face similar issues.

Convene Community™ is an intangible benefit that yields tremendous returns for those invested in sharing resources and “doing life” with people who share their values, commitment to building exceptional businesses, and wanting to see God at work.

CEOs and Business Owners don’t join Convene because they’re looking for friends, but over time our members frequently report that some of their closest personal relationships are with other Convene members.

Benefits of the Convene One2One™ include:

  • A safe, trusted, and experienced confidante vested in your success
  • A confidential time to focus on vital issues
  • Ideas and support to overcome obstacles in your way
  • Being asked questions that expand your perspective
  • Wisdom on your best opportunities
  • Help in making relationships stronger
  • Growth in faith and business

Personal executive coaching sessions where Convene members meet individually, once a month, with their Chair to dig deeper and endeavor to find answers for the challenges they face.

One2One™ is “your time” with your Convene Chair. It is designed to provide a safe, structured environment for focusing on the things you feel you need help with the most. Our Chairs, former CEOs and business owners themselves, understand the challenges and opportunities you face building an exceptional business, being a high-impact leader, leading a healthy family, and honoring God. They have the experience, expertise and heart to help you grow in many ways.

Benefits of the Convene Member Events include:

  • Additional speaker content
  • Interaction with a wider variety of peers from your area, region, or around the country
  • Unique experiences not found in other organizations
  • Opportunities to take relationships

Locally and nationally, Convene Teams engage with peers who share their values, focus on growth, are real and accepting, and share the great adventure. The results are current and eternal impact, and lasting legacies for businesses and families.

Our events are held throughout the year to serve our members by offering world-class speakers, training, and interaction with peers. They serve as a time for us to grow and learn together as we expand our network and pursue our calling.  In particular, our annual CEO Summit is a time for us to gather from around the country in an event that is truly one of a kind.